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The titles in the listing above link to the editions from the 1914 edition of The Oxford Shakespeare at Bartleby. The Complete Works of William Shakespeare from Jeremy Hylton at MIT are also available.

For further online Shakespeare texts in other locations and formats and Shakespeare commentary, go to the Shakespeare Section of the IPL Online Texts Collection.

For criticism and other information on Shakespeare and his works, go to the Shakepeare Section of the IPL Online Literary Criticism Collection.

For an annotated guide to scholarly Shakespeare resources on the Internet, we recommend the excellent Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet.

To search the full text of Shakespeare's works, use The Works of the Bard.

For a handy guide to monologues found in Shakespeare's works, use the Shakespeare's Monologues site.

Shakespeare's complete body of work in plain text (ASCII) format is available for downloading as one huge gzipped tar file [2039K].

Email groups for discussion of Shakespeare and his works can be found listed in Topica and Yahoo! Groups. Also, there is a Usenet group for the discussion of Shakespeare: humanities.lit.authors.shakespeare

Top Shakespeare Works for March 2000

1Romeo & Juliet42071
2Shakespeare's Sonnets28622
5A Midsummer Night's Dream17295
6Julius Caesar15816
8As You Like It11668
9Much Ado About Nothing10209
10A Lover's Complaint91110

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