WWW Line Mode Browser

The CERN Line Mode Browser (www) is a character based World-Wide Web Browser. It is developed for use on dumb terminals and as a test tool for the CERN Common Code Library. It can be run in interactive mode, non-interactive mode and as a proxy client. In non-interactive mode it can be used as a powerful tool in CGI scripts for the CERN httpd. Furthermore it gives a variety of possibilities for data format conversion, filtering etc. It is primarily intended as a test-tool for quick access to the Web or used in batch jobs.

NP , TBL and Henrik Frystyk
Stable current version used as test tool for the Library of Common Code
Demo site
Try it by telnet telnet.w3.org (no user or password)
New releases of the Line Mode Browser follows the releases of the WWW Library of Common Code
The browser is known to compile on the following Platforms. See also the VMS version.
Getting the Source Code
The LineMode Browser is available in two versions: Both source packets can be found in the Source Archive.
Precompiles Binaries
Binaries are available for many Platforms as www*.tar.Z.
Version 3.0 and newer versions of the Line Mode Browser are put under the CERN WWW Copyright Statement
The distribution files do not contain the World-Wide Web Library of Common Code which is necessary in order to compile the browser.

More information

www-bug@info.cern.ch, September 1994