WWW related Newsgroups

Some groups which might be of interest to WWW people. There is a separate list of WWW mailing lists.

WWW newsgroups


A forum for the discussion of WWW client software and its use in contacting various Internet information sources. New user questions, client setup questions, client bug reports, resource-discovery questions on how to locate information on the web that can't be found by the means detailed in the FAQ and comparison between various client packages are among the acceptable topics for this group.


A forum for the discussion of WWW server software and the use of said software to present information to users. General server design, setup questions, server bug reports, security issues, HTML page design and other concerns of information providers are among the likely topics for this group.


A forum for general discussion of WWW (World Wide Web)- related topics that are NOT covered by the other newsgroups in the hierarchy. This will likely include discussions of the Web's future, politicking regarding changes in the structure and protocols of the web that affect both clients and servers, et cetera.

Other newsgroups

WWW's original newsgroup i snow obsolete as from 7 June 94.
announcements of new network information, much of it on the web.
The only newsgroup specifically on hypertext, but of limited distribution becuase of its "alt" status.
Information systems
Also, subgroups on wais , gopher .
Public Access Comp Systems
PACS-L handles also library automation stuff.
Perhaps a clue as to useful sources of information? Tends to have a lot you're not interested in.
Standard Generalized Markup Language: technical discussion.
Discussion about software engineering issues at CERN. (The Software Technology INterest Group). Limited distribution.
Future (hypertext?) news extensions
CWIS-L is about campus-wide information systems.